Community Content Showcase: Security Fault

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of the community showcase. This time we're featuring user Iceman's map Security Fault. I love a map with a strong theme, and Security Fault provides as it is set after a major earthquake has hit. As a result, there are pieces of the building missing, forcing players to be conscious of where they're exposed. There's also gutters on the roofline which players must look out for, lest they slip and fall to a painful death. The map has some other unique features, "The briefcases are in the first floor security room and in the third floor executive office, while the code to the metal detector is in the second floor print room. The only capture point (for now) is by the Intruder spawn. Everything else (including the banana), you have to find for yourself." Check it out when you're playing next, and head to the official thread to give feedback! Thanks Iceman for your work.