Community Video Showcase: Intruder :: Gameplay - Big Play (60fps)

Intruder :: Gameplay - Big Play (60fps)


 #Halfgoofy - This video contains some strategies and tactics, but also some good old goofing around.


Howdy! Today we are looking at a recent video in heart stopping 60 FPS posted by the user OpticalF3AR. This video is a great example of how gameplay can be both lighthearted and have sneaky beaky aspects to it. The highlights of this video are most definitely the big plays that take place. This game of Cliffside is packed full of great people having great fun, hop on a server now and have yourself some fun!

Hello there, I'm ryguytheguy! Many of you may know me, but if you don't know me, hello! I'll probably be posting some articles here and there and you'll also be able to catch me in game as well.