Community Video Showcase: | Intruder | Pig Play #10 |

Howdy! It has been some time since the last Community Video Showcase and a lot has changed since then. If you have not noticed, you must be living under a rock. If you do happen to live under a rock, Intruder has moved to Unity 5, we have new Target Practice Trudaz Face balloons, an energy system has been implemented, and now Intruders and Guards have hands! That's not all that has happened, but that's not the point of this article. This article's purpose is to showcase a community video, and the agent FleshyPig has uploaded a video that shows great communication skills even when the situations call for total silence. Who knew hands could be so handy?

Great matches like these can only be made by great players. Many thanks to FleshyPig, JigiSix, neonjackal, and SerrinsToes for making great matches to showcase. There are many more players who add to the community and you can too! Why not add yourself to the Recent Players list and start up some matches today!