A day without Intruder

Two weeks ago we had a crash in our website servers and just wanted to give a write up to everyone on what happened. 

On April 21st, PC Gamer posted an article about Intruder on their website at http://www.pcgamer.com/previews/intruder-first-look-a-promising-tactical-shooter-that-demands-a-thoughtful-approach/ . We were super excited as we read through the article, which presented our game in such a good light. The result of the PC Gamer article was a huge traffic spike to our website. We received more than twice the number of visitors in a single day ever until our web server, store, and forums finally crashed at midnight on the 22nd. Unfortunately for our players and potential players this made Intruder inaccessible, which we would like to sincerely apologize for.

We spent the entire next day transferring the entire Superboss Games website, forums, blog and all to a completely new dedicated server. This would ensure we had more power for our website as well as some of the in game functions that link to the users and their stats. 24 hours without the game being up was a huge hit after such a great article. The day after the website transferred was spent waiting for the domain name servers to propagate. Even with the website back up, some users were still stuck with “Site is maintenance mode, please check with system administrator.”

As the DNS propagated we spent the next few days helping people through our IRC chat, forums and twitter to make sure people could get access to the website and the game. We carefully watched our new dedicated server setup to make sure that it was handling everything ok. It was stressful, but we are happy to report no major server issues since. 

We want to thank Chris Thursten and PC Gamer for the wonderful article on Intruder as well as all other press for getting so many people interested in our game. We also want to thank all of our players and those interested in Intruder. A site crash like that is something normally associated with launches of huge franchises and MMOs. As an indie developer, a crash like this was exciting and humbling. We hope we didn’t lose many potential players in this transfer process and we will continue to make updates to the game and servers to make sure a similar situation does not happen again. 

If you are reading this and had any friends interested in Intruder but missed it because of the crash, make sure to let them know we are up again. Finally, a huge thanks again to the Intruder community for being such awesome people and helping out all the people that came in recently!