Intruder Series 011 Red Dot Sight

Intruder Series 011 Red Dot Sight

Hey! In this Dev Log video we will be going over the Red Dot Sight. It's the first attachment in the game and has some pretty cool functions. 

Before you can use the Red Dot, you have to find it in one of the various locations through out each of the levels. Once you find it you can press the "Use" key to get it in your inventory. Re-equip your SMG and bam, you got a nice little aiming device.

The primary use of the Red Dot Sight is to allow you to aim easier while looking down the sights. It allows you to see more clearly than the normal iron sights can.

It also has a secondary function called Focus Mode. You can activate Focus Mode by holding right mouse button down while you are aiming down the sights. This will zoom in slightly and also lower you mouse sensitivity. This is great for long distance shooting because it allows you to aim more accuratley much easier. The video also goes over some other use case examples.

As usual you can pick up your own copy of Intruder at as well as gift codes if you want to buy one for a friend. We've made a lot of patches recently as well so make sure to check out the change log and twitter feed. Till next time!