Intruder Update: Stats, gift codes and friends!

Intruder gift codes, stats, and friends

A nice big community update here, we have just added some great features to the game and website including friends lists, stat tracking and the ability to buy gift codes of Intruder!

Friends list

friends list

The in game friends list will allow you to see where other players are in game. It will show you if the player is online and what server they are currently in. Just type in their name at the top and press enter to add them to your friends list. Use the edit button to delete friends if you like.

Player Profiles and Stats

You can now see your Intruder stats on your profile page at . This will show you stats including:

  • wins/defeats
  • package captures
  • arrests
  • survival rate
  • overall play time
  • and more
You can view other players profiles and stats at the forums by clicking the stats button below their avatar.
stats here
Just like the friends list, this will also show you what server they are in right now via the Current Location block so you can check if your buddies are online.


Gift Codes

People who have been asking for gift codes, your wish is granted! You can now buy gift codes in the store at . The links are also in the footer of the Intruder web pages and the top of the forum.

Once you purchase a gift code, it will be emailed to your Superboss Games account email. Give it to whomever you like and they can redeem it at after they sign in with their username. Simple!

We will be giving out some gift codes today on our twitter(@SuperbossGames) so make sure you follow us. We hope everyone loves these updates. Also make sure to drop by the IRC Chat and forums anytime if you want to hang out other players and share your stats. We will also be giving out codes there as well. Cheers!