Patch 450 and 451 Notes

Howdy folks, Rob has updated hte change log thread with the most recent patch notes. Good news for our Australian friends!

"Australian servers!
new version of Photon
Custom Maps can now be organized by category, popularity
server list now shows the type of server with color coordination
more obvious chat button
Projectiles should move with movers, needs testing
Certain custom maps will now be ranked (tracking stats) or unranked depending on category
Let us know if you new map needs to be tagged as they will be untagged by default
warnings when entering demoted servers

Activators can now be specified who can use by team in MM
Activators can now allow a team to win or a draw in MM! Make your own Objectives!
Movers now have playAtRoundStart variable to specify an animation to play at the beginning of the round
Movers can lock player inertia to them for easier platforms to stand on, moving object, etc
you no longer need to put your saved levels into the Content/Levels folder
new levels can also be saved on any drive

Small feature additions and bug fixes"