Intruder GIF of the week 9 & 10!

fps intruder

Here are Intruder gif of the weeks for weeks 9 and 10. The theme of this week is hiding.


planter sneak

In the first gif you will notice an arrest made after hiding in a planter box.

desk sneak

The second gif features an intruder underneath a lab table in building 2. 


Intruder GIF of the week 8!

sniper fire


It's terrifying to see a teammate taken out by an enemy sniper. This footage comes from agents iDubbbz stream from last Wednesday's community event. His streams can be viewed at and his youtube channel which is full of Intruder videos is at . Make sure to follow and subscribe to those for more Intruder footage.


Intruder GIF of the week 7!

sneaky mail room

Be careful when clearing rooms alone...

This image was pulled from agent Bennuk's stream at 

Make sure to follow his stream for more Intruder gameplay.


Intruder GIF of the week 6!

roof sniper

The roof can be an advantageous spot for spying into the different buildings, but be careful to watch out for other roof snipers.

MORE gifs on the forum at


Intruder GIF of the week 5!

window fight


Here we have a tense fight at the one of the windows of building 2 of Riverside. This footage was taken by agent MrOtton.



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