Happy 4th of July!

Intruder Fireworks

Happy 4th of July from Superboss Games everyone! Here's an extra Intruder GIF for you all.


Intruder GIF of the week 4!

Chicken Charge


This week's GIF of the week comes from agent ChickenZombie. This is captured directly from his Intruder live streams over at http://www.twitch.tv/chickenzombie. Definitely check out his stream for more Intruder footage.


Intruder GIF of the week 3!

intruder bush


Try to hide in unexpected places to catch your enemy off-guard.


Intruder GIF of the week 2!

Gif of the week


Here comes our Intruder GIF of the week part 2! This week we have some effective use of the remote charge. Thanks to EntryNode for the GIF. Here's a short video with sound of the same.



Intruder GIF of the week!

Hey everyone, here's our first ever Intruder GIF of the week!

Intruder Slip

This one comes from our recent Intruder live streams on Twitch and the infamous bennslip.mp4. 

You'll notice that Benn (playing here) actually slips on the railing and then falls though the window from the impact. Slipping on railings and slippery surfaces is one of the newer features in Intruder and can lead to some pretty funny moments.

We'll be taking more gifs like this from our playtests and post them here and in the forums at http://SuperbossGames.com/forum . Make sure to sign up!



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