Intruder Series 007 3d Voice Chat & Hand Radio

Hand Radio

Voice chat in Intruder isn't an after thought. It was designed from the ground up to be an essential tool for team tactics. Missions are completed or failed many times based on how well each team is able to communicate their own positions and the positions of the enemy.

Highlights of the Voice Chat

  • The voice chat is 3D. Being able to hear a teammate talking to you is dependant on how far away you are. The voice is panned to the right and left based on their realtive position to you.
  • The voice chat is volume based. If you and I are sneaking through a building, I can whisper to you and if we are quiet enough other players nearby will have difficulty hearing us. On the flip side, if I yell down a hallway at you, you will be able to hear me as opposed if I spoke to you in a normal volume from the other end of the hall.
  • Everyone can potentially hear you, friend and foe alike.
  • The radio is a tool for communicating over long distances to your teammates, it is essential for planning assaults, distracting the enemy, communicating about traps that have been set up to stop you.
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Level Updates

Intruder Level Design

Hey, just wanted to give a short update. We've been working a lot on the level lately. Here's some new screens. Make sure to check out the last video we posted about some of the level design stuff as well if you haven't seen it already.

Intruder level design

Intruder levels

Intruder level design

Here's the video from last time that talks about the level design:


Intruder Video Series 006 Lockpicks and Other Additions

New characters, level additions, and lock pick

In this update we are going to be showing you a new tool that we have created to use along with a couple of other things we have been working on.


When you enter an area in Intruder you will come across doors that are locked. To unlock the door you can use the lock pick tool. The lock pick tool works by going up to a locked door and using it on the door. You are then presented with GUI of a tumbler with pins. Each pin is at a different depth from the top of the tumbler. To line them up you can use the mouse or the mouse wheel to move each pin into postition. Once all the pins are in position, the lock will open. This is a quiet and sneaky way of moving around in the enviroment of Intruder but it can also become intense. You can get into situtations when you know someone is closing in on your position and you're trying to keep calm and open a locked door in order to evade them.

Apart from the lock pick we have added a couple of other things:

  • New character models for the Intruder and for the Guards.
  • We have added light probes for accurate high quality lighting in the world.
  • The level has been populate with more "low" cover type objects, such as couches, chairs, desks
  • Floor Plans

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Updates and Holidays

Happy Holidays everyone. One of our games, Project Stormos is now on sale over at for only 2$ (that's 60% off). New features were just added to the game including multiplayer which can be played during the whole campaign as well as in the level editor, so you can make your own levels together.

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Once again, Happy Holidays and see you in the new year!

Intruder Video Series 005 Security and Sensors

Security and Laser Sensors

In this video, we're going to be looking at security techniques and equipment such as the Laser Sensor and security camera room.


Throughout our playtests, opponent detection has been one of the most important skills for victory. The Laser Sensors are a great tool for this job.

To use the Laser Sensor

  • equip them and left click to place on surface in front of you
  • when someone crosses it's path, it will create a beeping alarm
  • only the player who placed the sensor can hear the alarm
  • warn teammates, investigate area, and/or set off traps by sensor

There are many paths and rooms through a given building and guarding the importants parts simultaneously can take some coordination. On a mission, you may have to guard multiple objectives at the same time. A few strategicly placed sensors will let you be aware of opponents when they enter these imporant areas without you having to directly see them first.

It's good to hide the sensors when you place them. Any player can actually disable a sensor by walking up to it and pressing the "use" key. Before entering a room or area too quickly, it's a good idea to look out for any opponents sensors and see if you can disable them before tripping their alarm.

It's also a nice idea to use the sensors with the Remote Charges. When you hear the alarm of one of your sensors, you can detonate a nearby remote charge in order to knock down or kill the intruding player before you can reach the area your rigged up. Just be aware of where your teammates are so that you don't blow a charge when they cross the lasers path.

For more visual surveillance. The current level we are working on actually has a live security camera room. At the moment there are 3 different security cameras placed throughout the level which stream video to the security screens. Using the security cameras allows you to inform your teammates of the exact location of enemies.

There have been tons of other updates to the game since the last video. The level is now full of new objects for hiding and taking cover behind. There are new sound effects for bullet impact, silenced weapons and rounds that fly by your head. A new GUI system is in the works. We're also happy announce that user accounts for signing into the game are now working along with an auto-patcher so signing in and updating to the newest build will be easy for all players. There are features we have yet to talk about and others we just haven't revealed at all so let us know what you'd like to see.

In the comments write what security techniques you would use and what you want to see next!

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