A little update

It's been awhile since our last update I know. We've been working on getting some bugs out of the network coding and making the game much more stable. We are beginning to shift gears away from creating gadets and weapons to getting an alpha build (very alpha) that people will be able to play.

What we've been working on:

Lobby system for joining/creating missions.

Intruder lobby for intruding on said missions.

Mission goals.

Optimizing the network code.


Be looking for a video coming soon involving more fun with remote charges.

Intruder Video Series 004 Remote Charges

In this video, we're going to be looking at Remote Charges, a handy tool for laying traps in Intruder.


Remote Charges are one of the most useful tools in Intruder, especially for leveling the playing field. They are best used a trap to be sprung on enemies before they have time to react.

To use the Remote Charges

  • equip them and left click to place on surface in front of you
  • get to a safe distance or behind cover
  • right click to detonate the charges

Remote Charges function as a great trap when you have an idea where your enemies might be coming from. It's a great feeling during our playtests to be able have your opponents fall into your ambush. It dramatically increases the tension during play because you never know when an enemy has rigged up a room or area you are entering. Because of this, you have to be very cautious and aware of your surroundings. 

They are not fool proof or unstoppable though. Pressing the "use" key will pick up and disable Remote Charges, even if it's been laid down by an enemy player. It can get pretty intense picking up enemy charges, because you hope they're not watching and ready to detonate.

The best tactic when using the Remote Charges is to use them in conjunction with the Mirror Cam. Usually you have to have the charges equipped in order to detonate them. However this can also be done with mirror cam. Set your charges and then hide out of view. Watch around the corner with your mirror cam for the perfect trap set up.

In the comments let us know what traps you would set up with the Remote Charges and what you want to see next!

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Intruder Video Series 003 Mirror cam and Doors

In this video, we go into two of our favorite features in Intruder: Doors and the Mirror Cam.

Doors you can open by yourself are a rare occurence in modern games. They are most strikingly, rare in the FPS genre. For Intruder however, doors play a critical role in the stealth tactical gameplay. 

To open a door in Intruder, use the scroll wheel as a push and pull function.

  • scrolling up will push
  • scrolling down will pull
  • rate of scrolling determines how much/fast the door will open

The doors can be opened at different intervals with these methods which allows for peaking into rooms or entry way without fully exposing yourself. This is very useful for stealth gameplay. It is also useful as a clue for players who remember the door's previous position for tracing changes. If might be easier to know where your opponents are if something like a door's position has changed in the environment.

The Mirror Cam is definitely a favorite tool among us. It is a camera attached to the end of a thin pole that can be used to look around corners or over barriers. This is essential for the players that truly want to be stealthy as it allows you do see your enemies before entering a room.

The mirror cam can also be used in conjuction with doors by poking it through the cracks in the doors to check out a room before entering. This is great for teamplay situations when you can have one player "mirroring" the door while the other one enters or throws in concussion grenades.

To use the mirror cam just hold the left mouse button (normally fire weapon button) and move the mouse to swivel the camera.

The mirror cam has definitely been a favorite among play testers and also has some more functions that we will reveal in the next video...

In the comments let us know what tactics you think will be useful with these tools and what you want to see next! 

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Intruder Video Series 002 Concussion grenades

Intruder Video Series 002 Concussion grenades

In this video we go into the details of the Concussion Grenade, one of the interesting tools in Intruder. Check it out below:

The concussion grenade is different from a normal grenade because it's main function it to destroy the balance of it's targets instead of killing them. It's an excellent tool to use for room clearing as well as retreating. The explosion has a fairly large radius and can send enemies (or yourself if you're not careful) flying... often times through windows or into hard objects.

Making the concussion grenade work technically involves a few steps:

  • after the grenade explodes go, use the 2-check system to determine if it should hit targets
  • first, find what is inside the explosion radius of the grenade
  • second, raycast from the origin of the explosion to the hitboxes of the target objects to make sure nothing is blocking the way
  • if nothing blocking, take away 100% balance and add an explosion force (VERY useful Unity3d physics function)
Once again the primary function of the concussion grenade is to knock other players over. Opponents can stand up after getting hit, but it gives you enough time to put them down before that happens. The concussion grenade can still kill however if it's targets ragdolls end up hitting walls or the ground at fast enough velocity.
It's also possible to vary the detonation time on the concussion grenade between 4 seconds and 1.5 seconds. 4 seconds being better for long distance throws and 1.5 being much better for room clearing. Throughout the play tests, room clearning has been the best use of the concussion grenade, especially if you have someone to open the door for you.
In the comments let us know how you would use the concussion grenade and what you would like the next video to be on! 
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Intruder Video Series 001 Making a multiplayer FPS

Intruder Video Series 001 Making a multiplayer FPS

This is the first video in a series of videos we have started to create. Our goal with these is to create a visual blog of the game making process. This first video shows the first steps we took in creating Intruder. We started with getting basic network syncing working then moved on to firing projectiles, the balance system and stances. Enjoy.

Our goal with Intruder is to make a game which encapsulates some of the following qualities:

  • high detail world interaction in a multiplayer setting
  • stealth and cunning over twitch gameplay
  • emergent gameplay by giving players many options, gadgets, and tools by which to craft their tactics
In this video series we're going to show you how we are accomplishing all this and how a wide variety of game design elements can come together in one place.

When making a multiplayer game, you have to do double the work as a single player game because you must make sure the players are synced up on both computers. It's also important to make sure to squash bugs in a multiplayer game as soon as possible, since they are much harder to find than in a single player game. 

Here's the basic order that we went through features within the first week. 

  • connecting to Photon servers and syncing player positions with cubes
  • bullet fire syncing
  • damage/player hit checking
  • adding gravity and wind to bullets
  • gun features like scope and fire modes (e.g. 3 shot burst, single shot, full auto)
  • player models with animation/stance syncing
  • balance and hp check/damage
  • weapon recoil based on balance
  • ragdolls
  • per-limb hitboxes
  • ragdoll syncing
  • grenades
That is basically what can be seen in the first section of the video. As we make more videos we'll go into the newer gagdets and game objects like security camers, remote charges, doors etc. In the comments below, be sure to let us know which feature you would like to know about in greater detail. 


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