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Target Practice

Intruder balloons

Hey Trudas,

Rob has been working on trudy-faced balloon targets.

Intruder Bloons in garden

Looks pretty cool, right? They're satisfying to shoot too.

For now they're just target practice when you first join an empty server, but eventually they could be a deployable gadget. Personally I found they really are great practice. They taught me to use the sniper rifle properly. And they're addictive! I spent a good bit of time figuring out how to best run through the level to pop the balloons in the least amount of time.

Visit the discord chat to get the experimental Unity 5 build and play with them yourself :)

And don't hesitate to post your bloon speedruns to the Intruder subreddit. Just expect fierce competition.

Have fun.



We're on Snapchat!

Send us Snapchats that are Intruder related and we'll share them on our wall!

Intruder Snapcat QR

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This account is controlled by the user, Bloxri. He will be monitoring and posting the videos and pictures that are Intruder related to Snapchats' wall feature. Anyone can add this account and even send photos and videos to the account for them to be reposted on Intrudersnap's wall. Not all content will be posted as all of this will be regulated by Bloxri, himself.

For more information, visit the forum.


Hang out with us on Discord

Discord overview.

Hey 'trudas.

Have you heard of Discord? It's a new chat service. We've been trying it out for a month or two now -- no secret to those who frequented our IRC channel. Turns out everyone likes it, so we're sticking with it. We want you to join and hang out with us.

What makes Discord cool?

  • It has text AND voice chat.
  • Text chat is permanent. You can join today and scroll back to see what's been said since the beginning of time.
  • You can edit and delete your messages, without restriction.
  • It has an intuitive user interface that is welcoming to new users.
  • There are web, desktop, and mobile apps for all common platforms.
  • Image and video links show inline previews. Links to ordinary webpages show description text.

Plus, our old IRC bot has joined us. He's not fully functional yet but his most useful feature works. He announces new games starting. I'll talk about Z26 in detail some other time, after he's more complete.

Z26 doing his thang.

Join the Superboss discord chat today! It's where the cool kids, robots, women, etc are at.

Speaking of IRC, our channel (#superbossgames on Freenode) is generally inactive these days. It's still somewhat populated, but it's an echo chamber because the regulars have migrated to Discord.

You're convinced? You want to join us in Discord?

How to join

Click Connect in the sidebar to the right or click here . We're pretty casual so don't be scared to join the conversation. The main rule? Be respectful. To say it another way: "just don't be a boop".

See you.

- Rolig


Community Video Showcase: Intruder :: Gameplay - Big Play (60fps)

Intruder :: Gameplay - Big Play (60fps)


 #Halfgoofy - This video contains some strategies and tactics, but also some good old goofing around.


Howdy! Today we are looking at a recent video in heart stopping 60 FPS posted by the user OpticalF3AR. This video is a great example of how gameplay can be both lighthearted and have sneaky beaky aspects to it. The highlights of this video are most definitely the big plays that take place. This game of Cliffside is packed full of great people having great fun, hop on a server now and have yourself some fun!

Hello there, I'm ryguytheguy! Many of you may know me, but if you don't know me, hello! I'll probably be posting some articles here and there and you'll also be able to catch me in game as well. 




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