Friday Night Fights


Hello! After our look at QSwitch, we wanted to have an organized session with the community on the map. So, this Friday (2/12/15) at around 5pm Pacific time, hop on and join us! If anyone has the ability to stream on Twitch or record and upload footage, even better. See you tomorrow.

Update: We'll be organizing in the IRC so make sure you pop in there beforehand!


Community Content Showcase: QSwitch


Hey everyone, this feature is meant to promote users and the amazing content they're making in the game. This week the honors go to Actionman with their map "QSwitch". Something that stood out to me is they have an introduction to the map, to set the mood. From the OP of the map's thread, "The Q-Switch group is one of the most powerful megacorporations in the world, and their corporate headquarters reflect that strength. No one has ever breached their intimidating, fortress-like compound, until now!

The intruders will have to collect key-codes and infiltrate the security room on the lower floors, and then proceed to the upper floors to retrieve one or both of the packages, before escaping via the subway or the rooftops across the street." This goes a long way in giving the map color, which isn't found in many levels.Security cameras are shootable, providing even more strategy
The map itself is quite something. Firstly, it's huge. Even before you get into the towering 4 level building (and 2 underground levels), you can run around the entire site, giving the intruders plenty of options on routes to take. Other unique features of the map include a motion sensor system within the building, which can be turned off, and laser alarm sensors. There's even functioning elevators! A detail I really appreciate, considering it's such a large map, is that each of the levels has a specific color floor. So even if you split up on the same floor you can still quickly orient in calls such as "purple security." Another impressive feature are the security cameras, which have custom built shaders (seen above).

There's still plenty of work planned to be done but as of right now in it's current state, it's absolutely worth checking out. Make sure to check the thread for updates and more information. Keep up the great work Actionman.


Intruder Map Maker and Holiday Sale! 50% off

intruder sale


It’s that time of year, where we unleash a huge update to Intruder, invite you to get involved in the creation of the game, and slash the price of the game! This is the largest ever update to Intruder, so read-on, get-involved, and spread the word!


Holiday Sale

First things first, we’re running a sale on Intruder, and you can now get in on the early-access alpha of the game for the low-low price of $5, 50% off! And as if that’s not enough incentive, we’re also knocking an extra 5% off the price when you buy multiple giftcodes. We promise that this is the best value you’re going to find when it comes to indie stealth multiplayer games, especially considering all the new features we’ve added (aha check below)! 

So head over to the Intruder Store and get in on the sale while it lasts.


Big Feature Update 

With patch version 449, we’ve made one of the largest single updates to Intruder ever. This update includes a ton of new art, animations, sound effects, particle effects, and tweaks to nearly everything. The art in the game still isn’t “done”, as we’re still focused on the gameplay. But we’ve been having a ton of fun playtesting these changes with AUG. We’ve also been fixing bugs as we find them and as you report them, so keep it up! Every day your participation helps make Intruder better! 

Here’s a big listing of all the new features and changes in the latest patch:

link to change-log forum post (it's huge!)


Intruder Map Maker 

And here’s the big news! We want to invite you to make your own levels in Intruder, share them with other players, and play them in multiplayer matches! We got our start in game development by making maps and mods for games like Half-Life and Unreal Tournament, and we’re super excited to let you do the same types of thing for Intruder. Since we’re making Intruder in Unity, you can download Unity and use it to make levels too!

Check out this information about the Intruder Map Maker.

link to MapMaker forum post


Help Spread the Holiday Cheer 

We’re making Intruder for you, our community! Help spread the word about the mega update, holiday sale, and the map maker! Join in the conversation on the forum, IRC, Reddit, Facebook and Twitter!


Happy holidays, Trudaz

intruder sale

intruder update

intruder update


Community Spotlight and more!

Firstly we would like to congratulate team Men With Excellent Hats for winning the Infiltration Inc. community tournament! They defeated Team Raven Shield 2-0 last weekend. It's well deserved, they have been recognized by the community for their strong preparation and use of teamwork throughout the competition. Men With Excellent Hats member Granate is worthy of special accolades for his heroics in a couple particular rounds, overcoming early 1v3 disadvantages for his team. Thanks to all of the participants, teams, casters and streamers for making it possible!

With the holidays and the end of 2014 coming up we'd like to showcase some of the cool stuff going on within the Intruder community. Whether you're new to the game or just haven't spent much time on the forums themselves, here are some fun, and useful, threads to check out. There's the “Introduce yourself thread” which is a great starting place to meet some nice folks. If you're looking to chat, make sure to check out the IRC as well, it's friendly and welcoming to newcomers. Also for newcomers is a wonderful thread created by user Lucien with beginner tips. It has everything from route strategies to vocabulary used by teammates in the game. Another good thread to get game tips is “Post your role” which gives a sense of the different strategies one can take in a round.

If you would like to watch Intruder videos or streams, or if you want to promote your own channels there's a thread for that too over here. Once you're feeling creative, head over to the haiku thread and share your poetic prowess. Finally, we'll have a new patch coming out soon. Hopefully within the month, so make sure to check the site for upcoming patch notes. Happy holidays!

*** Links ***

Introduce yourself thread


Lucien's thread -

post your role -

youtubes and streams -

haiku -


(guest post by AcridMeat!)


Intruder Tournament Super Final - the Rematch

Don't miss the Intruder Tournament final match today at 5EST, 10GMT!

This weekend will see the finale of Infiltration Inc., Intruder's 3v3 community tournament. It's been a long road in this double elimination tourny, with the first matches having been played at the end of September. Thirteen teams signed up, and the two that stand at the end of the bracket are Team Raven Shield and Men with Excellent Hats. Let's take a closer look at the teams themselves and how they've progressed.

In the case of Team Raven Shield, they've had numerous close matches, many of which were saved with come from behind victories. With that challenge they've become attuned to those pressure situations. I briefly spoke with LavaTramp, one of the team's members who stated, “It's been a nice opportunity to play some serious, competitive matches, you really get to develop team specific tactics.” When asked about Men With Excellent Hats and their use of code words throughout the tournament he said, “The 3d voice chat really gives people the opportunity to mess with each other.” I spoke with fellow teammate R3vo who had this to add, “I found out if I take the match too seriously I over think it and end up playing terribly. (It's) better just to take each match as a normal round.”

As for Men with Excellent Hats, it's been a different story. They are undefeated in the tournament, which includes putting Team Raven Shield in the loser bracket, so they are the favorites going into the final. The key to their success thus far has been the development of new code words during the match, to throw off other teams if they watch their matches as well as the enemy team they're playing against. They're said to be taking the competition seriously and that's clearly worked for them so far.

My favorite aspect of this tournament is how it has garnered community interaction, not just between Superboss and the players, but between the players themselves. Teams scheduled their own matches with each other, and have helped make this tournament what it is. Thanks to all the players who participated, we hope you had a blast!

For those who haven't been keeping up with the tournament, there are ample resources to get caught up. You can visit the YouTube channel* which has all of the matches recorded and uploaded with commentary. The final itself will take place Saturday, December 6th and will be streamed on the Twitch page here*. Here's to a great finale of a successful tournament!

(This was a guest post by AcridMeat!)



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