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Intruder is a tactical First-Person-Shooter being developed by SuperbossGames. It is heavily influenced by the SWAT and Metal Gear series, as well as Deus Ex and many others. Development is discussed on their Intruder Blog and they have also released a series of videos about the gameplay and development on their Youtube channel.




The first ideas for the game were realised as a mod for Half-Life 1. Later, prototypes were made using the Unreal Tournament 2003 and UT 2004 engines. Rob and Austin met in Uni and after some time decided to switch to the Unreal Tournament 3 engine, which they used to create the first truly playable version. In early 2012, the first blog post (by Austin Roush) on announced the complete remake of the game in Unity. The game now runs fully on the Unity Engine, and has been updated frequently throughout the years.

The developers have stated the following design goals: [1]

  • Highly detailed world interaction in a multiplayer setting
  • Stealth and cunning over rapid firefights
  • Emergent gameplay through giving players many options, gadgets, and tools by which to craft their tactics


This FAQ is a list of the most frequently asked questions about the SuperbossGames release Intruder.

What is Intruder?

Intruder is a team-based stealth multiplayer FPS, utilizing unique weapons and gadgets (like mirror cameras and sensors). Gameplay is in the vein of the SWAT series, Metal Gear, Deus Ex and many others.

Can I buy the game yet?

The game is currently in limited access, and copies are regularly released in batches. When there are copies available, you can get the game for a minimum of $10 here. You have to sign up for the official SuperbossGames Forum in order to get it (be sure to read the article about TMC before registering), since the purchase will be tied to your account. You'll get access to the game in its current state, all future updates and access to the Secret Tester Forum. Information on the game's current controls is available here.

How will I be able to buy it?

The current payment options are Amazon Payments and Paypal.

Who is SuperbossGames?

Rob and Austin, the two-man team of Superboss Games responsible for Project Stormos and Intruder.


There are two teams; Guards and Intruders. Guards are identifiable by the purple goggles and black helmet on their heads, Intruders by the simple balaclava they wear. Using your camera-stick, sensors and leaning around corners, you must complete your objectives. Don't forget to use your radio and fingers! Finger-snapping is a team-only audio signal, so it is great for identifying teammates.

Guards, as the name implies must guard the computer-systems and/or the package(s) located within the map. To win, they must kill the entire opposing team.

Intruders must hack computers or capture the one of the packages to win. Optionally, they may kill the entire opposing team.

Guard tips:

Stick with your teammates, and occasionally check the objectives for signs of tampering;

  • Opened doors
  • Missing Package
  • Broken or opened windows
  • Computers with any number other than 0/10, 0/7, 0/5, etc.
  • Dead Guards

A common strategy to secure objectives is to apply sensors to entrances, and C4 charges nearby, detonating when a sensor is tripped. Doors and other physical objects can trip sensors!

Intruder tips:

If possible, avoid direct conflict with the guards, using flanking routes such as:

  • Vents
  • Windows
  • Backdoors

Use smoke grenades to cover your entrance and exit of rooms, CS gas to debilitate enemies, and C4 to ragdoll enemies. Using V, you can pick up sensors without tripping them!

Gameplay FAQs

How does Voice Chat work?

Intruder features two forms of voice chat: handheld radios used for communicating with your team ('F' by default) and local voice chat for communicating with any nearby players, friend or foe ('C' by default). For more info, see Voice Chat

Where are the briefcases?

Press 'O' in-game to see information on the location of the briefcases in each mode.

How do I move / shoot / change weapons?

Information on the game's current controls is available here.

Level Design

The levels and level assets are created by the developers and the community using Silo3D, 3dsMax, Google Sketchup, and Blender; the completed assets are then imported into Unity. The developers have also created a toolkit for unity that allows players to create and play test levels in-engine. The levels can contain a multitude of objects which can be used for cover or to avoid detection, e.g. tables and chairs.

Maps and Gamemodes

Teams can win by eliminating all members of the opposing team, or finishing a specific objective.



In Riverside the goal of the Intruders is to capture a briefcase being protected by the Guards and bring it to an escape point.



In Cliffside the goal of the Intruders is to hack 3 out of 4 computer networks being guarded by the Guards. However, although unintended, this map often times turns into an elimination round, where each team kills all other members of the other team to achieve victory.



In Mountainside the goal of the Intruders is to hack four computer systems, or capture a Briefcase and bring it to an escape point.

Custom Maps

There are many custom maps created by the community.

See also:


Raid, better known to the community as briefcase. Is a team based game mode. In which guards are tasked with defending a briefcase, while Intruder's must take and secure the briefcase. For guards the only win condition is eliminating the intruders, as the game mode includes no timer. Intruders have the option of eliminating all guards, or taking the briefcase and moving it to an extraction zone, indicated by a purple cylinder.

Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing (or LMS) is a free-for-all gamemode where the player starts with no weapons, and must instead find gadgets and items in locations around the map. Items spawn in seemingly random locations. Guns must be reloaded, ammo must be found, etc. The player must also reach a specified "Safe Zone" within a certain amount of time, or else will be eliminated. The player does not have to remain inside the "Safe Zone", but only has to touch it once during that cycle. If players remain after the timer runs out, new "Safe Zones" will appear. The number of safe zones decreases with the number of players alive. The last player alive wins after both touching a "Safe Zone" and eliminating the last player.

Technical FAQs


Help for any problems with the game or store is always available on the IRC Channel/Discord.

To avoid any trouble with patching during this time, remember to always keep the original .ZIP file that you downloaded from the forums / store.

What engine does Intruder use?


What are the System Requirements?

Note: These are not final and are based on the requirements for Unity alone; expect them to change dramatically.


OS: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 or AMD Phenom X3 8750 processor or better

Memory: 2 GB or more

Hard drive: 1 GB of space

Graphics: 256 MB or more, DirectX 9-compatible with Pixel Shader 3.0 support

Network: Internet connection required

Mac OS X:

OS: Mac OS X 10.6.6 or higher

CPU: Intel Core Duo Processor (2GHz or better)

Memory: 2 GB or more

Hard drive: 1 GB of space

Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 2400 or NVidia 8600M or better

Network: Internet connection required

Virtually any CPU/GPU combo released in the last 5 years should be able to handle Unity, it scales quite nicely based on available hardware.

Patch Versions

Current Version: Build 88

Patch notes can be found on the SuperbossGames Discord


An installation guide is available here



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