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TMC stands for Trust, Maturity and Contribution. We value everyone in our community, and ask that everyone keep TMC in mind at all times.

We believe in trust -- we trust our community with our games, letting many people play even before they’re “completed”. We trust that you won’t use our games or community to harm Superboss Games, members of the community, or anyone else for that matter. You trust us with your feedback, and that we’ll do our best to create the most fun games possible.

We believe in maturity -- the Internet can be a dangerous place, and we want everyone to have a positive experience in our community. We want you to behave in a mature manner in our community, and not post or promote content that is hateful, degrading or inappropriate for a teenage-and-up audience. We will treat you with maturity and respect, so please do the same.

We believe in contributions -- we’re all here to have fun, so let’s help each other have a good time. We’re sharing our games with you and the world, so please share what you’re making with our community! Whether it’s a videogame that you’re working on, levels you’ve made for Project Stormos, or ideas for Intruder, please contribute, and trust that the community will give you ideas, help and support.

We reward community members that honor the TMC code with early access to games, invitations to playtests, and more. Do your part: Be kind, show trust, help people and contribute to the community on Reddit, the Discord Server and in the Forum.

also see the rules outlined in this thread for demotions:

The demoted group is set up to separate abusive players from players who actually want to play. If you are put into this group you will not be allowed to play on official servers and have some privileges removed.

Reasons for which your could be demoted or kicked/banned:

  • mic spamming, playing loud music into the mic, constantly screaming
  • insulting other players
  • frequently team killing, griefing, or trolling
  • exploiting glitches or cheating, ghosting
  • frequent non-playing, e.g. being an Intruder and sitting in the elevator shaft when you are supposed to get the package on B2 Raid or sitting underwater forever
  • having a large number of down votes in any area of your profile (Ridiculously large, should not be achievable)

If you are demoted, it is not necessarily a permanent position. If your behavior improves then you may be put back in normal servers. If you continue to abuse other players who wish to play seriously, then there is a possibility you will be banned.

If you are a normal agent or AUG and you know someone is demoted, you can avoid them by playing in official servers. Please take advantage of this.

If you feel someone should be demoted please provide video or screenshot evidence of such offenses as we don't want to demote people for no reason or based on hearsay'

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