You can play Intruder V82 now

Rob released a new update for Intruder on Oct 23. Sorry we’re a little late posting here. If you follow the Intruder subreddit or our discord chat, this probably isn’t news to you anyway.

You can download the update from here. Of course, if you already have an older version installed, the game will prompt you to download the update by itself.

Changelog with pics and some notes on the changes is below.

Game changes
  • New Guard model, UVs (OMG this takes so damn long) and texture!
  • New Intruder UVs and texture (and slight model changes)
  • New skinning on guards and intruders
  • New smoothing groups on guards and intruders
  • We can now have custom player model materials/texture per map and custom map!
    So you could have a mountain map with snow camo or a rainy map with special amphibian boots!
  • New cardboard cutout models will also take on custom materials
  • Guards now have brown eyes by default, but change them to whatever you want!
  • Mortar ammo can be limited now
  • Mortar ammo on Mountainside limited to 5 per mortar, spotlight is still infinite
  • Mortars updated to new graphics in custom maps now
  • Reflective damage mode added! This means if you shoot your teammate, you take the damage instead of them. You can enable it when you create a room.
  • You can now name your own rooms from the Create Room menu (as long as you’re not demoted)
  • Glass now breaks easier from ragdolls
  • Fixed/removed being able to zoom out when using the normal ragdoll camera.
  • Fixed mirror camera turning bug that made it all janky and stuff. Now it’s buttery smooth again.
  • Update to Unity 5.6.4p1 should hopefully make the game more stable for some users

Several awesome players have already started working on custom character textures.

Map maker changes
  • Updated to version 1.08. Use Unity 5.6.4p1 now.
  • Security cameras added for easy use!
    It’s always been possible to make security cameras yourself with a bit of magic and now that magic is done for you.
  • Mortars have ammo variable
  • Ragdolls can now trigger activators on enter
  • CustomMapSkins class added for loading in your custom Guard and Intruder materials/textures
  • Changed message if map doesn’t load when testing to remind you to remove spaces from the directory.
    Seemingly almost all new map makers were leaving spaces in their project path, so this change should help 🙂
  • New version of Photon and networking
  • Colored warnings for TKs and custom tuning on rooms or maps
  • Fixed underwater fog in custom maps

But that’s not all!

New doors and other niceties will be coming to Map Maker this week (hopefully), but you won’t need to update your game for that — just Map Maker. We will let you know. As always the best place to go for help with map maker is the #mapmaker channel on discord.

May you arrest 1000 enemies.


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