Reticle and Scope updates!

intruder new scope

Hey everyone! We've been hard at working to provide a better experience. One of the updates we've just released deals with the sniper rifle scope and SMG red dot sight. Here is a side by side comparison of these.



On the left, we can see the older version of the red dot and sniper scope and on the right, we have the new and improve optic sights. (Go full screen to really check it out)

The process of aiming has not changed yet aiming is much easier with the new and improved red dot sight for the SMG. It provides a visual que where the bullet is going to go when you shoot where as the eariler version was much harder to tell where the bullet would travel. The new sniper scope no longer has white around the scope which is a huge graphical improvement and even feels better to use.

We'll have more info on this patch coming up. Remember to update your game and come check it out!