Create and Submit Your GIFs!

We've got a great community with a ton of creativity. User ImplixGG made an excellent thread to not only showcase other members' gifs they create, but an indepth tutorial on how to make your own gifs as well. There's plenty of entertainment, and we all love seeing what people come up with. Here's an example from user neonjackal. Thanks for the hilarious work, keep it coming!


We're At GDC!

Hello hello. The team is currently in sunny San Francisco for the Game Developers Conference, so don't worry about the missing Rob. We'll have some more details coming soon about the trip. In the meantime feel free to get in contact with us if you're at the show as well, always nice to meet and chat!

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A Demonstration in Coordination and Cooperation

I wanted to share a fan video demonstrating a great round of communication, coordination, and execution in the game. There's plenty of hilarious moments within sessions, and we love seeing them, but it's also nice to see clips like this of a serious round. There's real tension to the action. Thanks to YouTube user Slick Bee for the upload.

If you have clips of your own you want to share, head to the Pics & Vids section of the forums and hit us up on Twitter as well.


MS Paint Stories!

We are fans of our community, of course. We are huge fans of what our community comes up with when they employ the tools of Microsoft Paint. We have a thread that is dedicated to sharing our favorite moments within Intruder via the captivating program. If you have an artistic itch with a story to tell, please share it with us!


Community Content Showcase: Oceanside

Hello again and welcome to another spotlight. Today we're looking at a map created by user SteelRaven7 called "Oceanside." As the name suggests, the map is set on a huge oceanside property. From the creator in the official thread, "The idea behind the map is to give the intruders the freedom to approach the house from almost any direction. I also wanted to mix mid range combat in the garden and rock areas with super close quarters combat inside the house." They've certainly accomplished that as there are not only different directions for the attackers to come from, but different heights as well. There's a cliff area with a zipline which gives the intruders access to the 3rd floor, as well as a garden so that attackers are not completely exposed. A unique touch is a moveable truck, which can lead to some hilarious moments with the ragdoll. There's plenty to the house itself, with different rooms and roof access. There's plenty of closets to hide in, too. Thanks for your hard work SteelRaven7, keep up the fantastic work!



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