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Howdy! It has been some time since the last Community Video Showcase and a lot has changed since then. If you have not noticed, you must be living under a rock. If you do happen to live under a rock, Intruder has moved to Unity 5, we have new Target Practice Trudaz Face balloons, an energy system has been implemented, and now Intruders and Guards have hands! That's not all that has happened, but that's not the point of this article. This article's purpose is to showcase a community video, and the agent FleshyPig has uploaded a video that shows great communication skills even when the situations call for total silence. Who knew hands could be so handy?

Great matches like these can only be made by great players. Many thanks to FleshyPig, JigiSix, neonjackal, and SerrinsToes for making great matches to showcase. There are many more players who add to the community and you can too! Why not add yourself to the Recent Players list and start up some matches today!



Chrome Extension / Firefox Addon Released

Intruder Notifications
Hey agents,
Have you ever jumped on Intruder at 2 am, joined an empty server, and waited in vain for others to join you? This is a surprisingly common scenario. Of course we're still a small community and this is normal, but it sure does suck. The worst part is because people arn't inclined to do it twice, the person playing alone at midnight will often be completely unaware of another person in the same situation at 1am. Lots of missed games. No fun. If only there were a way they could find each other and play together...
I'm happy to say this is a solved problem. Rob recently created and released the Intruder extension for Google Chrome and the Intruder Firefox addon. They're both called 'Intruder Notifications' and they're functionally identical, so use the one for the browser you prefer. You can see how many people are on which servers. You can see regular notifications when people are playing. You can be notified when a certain amount of people are playing. It's not very complicated, and it works well.
Intruder Notifications screenshots showing all aspects of the extension
So far it's already been remarkably successful at getting players together. We've had numerous 6v6 games at 2am since the extensions have been released. Plus, presumably it will be even more effective as more people learn about and install the extension.
You should get it now...
So what's the backstory?
The results of Bloxri's survey made it very clear that the Intruder community wanted some way to see server information without running the game. Within the span of a week it seemed like Rob came up with the idea of an extension, talked to the community about it in Discord  - and decided to go ahead with it. Both extensions were actually created in just a couple of days, while Rob was [redacted] in the bahamas with all his [redacted]. He figured he should put in some [redacted] so ya'll would send him more [redacted]. Anyway, download the extension and have fun!


2016 Intruder Community Survey

Superboss Survey

Want to help out the developers by filling out a survey? These results can help Intruder by giving us insight on areas that require more attention! -Bloxri

Go to Survey


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Target Practice

Intruder balloons

Hey Trudas,

Rob has been working on trudy-faced balloon targets.

Intruder Bloons in garden

Looks pretty cool, right? They're satisfying to shoot too.

For now they're just target practice when you first join an empty server, but eventually they could be a deployable gadget. Personally I found they really are great practice. They taught me to use the sniper rifle properly. And they're addictive! I spent a good bit of time figuring out how to best run through the level to pop the balloons in the least amount of time.

Visit the discord chat to get the experimental Unity 5 build and play with them yourself :)

And don't hesitate to post your bloon speedruns to the Intruder subreddit. Just expect fierce competition.

Have fun.



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