Community Video Showcase: Operation Vent-Snake

Hey guys! Today we're taking a look at a video posted by user Vectrex720. Titled "Operation Vent-Snake", it's a fantastic display of what a well coordinated round looks like. It's helpful for anyone seeking out strategies and tactics to use in game. Thanks for the great video and keep up the great work!


Community Video Showcase!

Hello! I wanted to share this YouTube video user OpticalF3ar uploaded, mostly of funny moments while on the map Cliffside. Awesome stuff, thanks for the work!


We're Playing Security Fault this Sunday!

Hey there folks, we wanted to inform you about our next play session going on this Sunday, April 5th. Tentative time table is 12pm Pacific, 2pm Central, 7pm UTC. I realize this is Easter Sunday, so if you'd like to suggest anything please head to the thread and let us know!


3v3 Oceanside Finals archive

Here's the uploaded archive of the recent 3v3 Oceanside finals match between Foxhound and Men with Excellent Hats on. Head over to the Intruder Tournaments YouTube page for more archives and keep a look out for live tournament coverage on our Twitch page.


Community Content Showcase: Security Fault

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of the community showcase. This time we're featuring user Iceman's map Security Fault. I love a map with a strong theme, and Security Fault provides as it is set after a major earthquake has hit. As a result, there are pieces of the building missing, forcing players to be conscious of where they're exposed. There's also gutters on the roofline which players must look out for, lest they slip and fall to a painful death. The map has some other unique features, "The briefcases are in the first floor security room and in the third floor executive office, while the code to the metal detector is in the second floor print room. The only capture point (for now) is by the Intruder spawn. Everything else (including the banana), you have to find for yourself." Check it out when you're playing next, and head to the official thread to give feedback! Thanks Iceman for your work.



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